There is a dearth of knowledge on what is happening today in Syria.

Although the United States is one of the most influential world powers involved in Syria today, knowledge of any background of the conflict or what is truly happening to the Syrian people is gravely lacking. In Lebanon, the Syrian Civil War has always been a polarizing subject due to the tumultous history between the two nations and refugee influx. In the interest of understanding leading to a future long-standing peace, this site was created to show the "side" of Syria scarcely mentioned in media and conversations today: the human side. Even as the main purpose of the site is to show "the human side," that knowledge wouldn't be complete without historical and political background, which this site also aims to provide. As an American of a mixed Syrian and Lebanese descent, I feel an obligation to try to open the minds of all of my countries, and the whole world; it is the only way for a sustainable future.

The Human Map of Syria