Many of the different combatants or other associated entities maintain their own media sources or a large influence over some media sources. As an example, the Syrian government maintains a news agency, the Syrian Arab News Agency, or SANA, and similarly the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces maintains a media center on their own website. They have largely opposing focuses, with coverage of the conflict from SANA focusing on advancements of the Syrian army, attacks on civilians by radical groups, moderate Western-backed rebels (whom are normally grouped in by the Syrian government with radical groups). Islamist terrorist groups, such as the so-called "Islamic State", also often maintain propagandist media sources.

Comparison of source example quotes

Syrian Arab News Agency

Government news agency
Article: "Borodavkin: US-led coalition systematically destroys Syrian infrastructure and carries out airstrikes against civilians" (Source link)
  • "'While hysteria is being whipped up around Aleppo, the US-led coalition has been systematically destroying infrastructure in government-controlled areas, delivering crushing strikes to civilians and the Syrian Army, and now seems to intend to squeeze ISIS terrorists from the Iraqi city of Mosul into Syria,' Borodavkin said during a special session of the UN Human Rights Council on Friday."
  • "He pointed out that the parties that called for holding a special session of the UN Human Rights Council about Syria are trying to protect terrorists and keep them away from the airstrikes in Aleppo."
  • "Borodavkin noted that the draft resolution, submitted by UK to the Council on Aleppo aims, in its essence, at justifying terrorists’ crimes."
  • "He said that the situation in Aleppo city witnesses changes but those who submitted the draft resolution preferred not to see that, emphasizing that their calls on Syria and its allies to stop the hostilities in the city are meaningless since a humanitarian pause came into force yesterday unilaterally."

Syrian National Coalition

Media center of recognized opposition representatives
Article: "UN Human Rights Council Demands Immediate End to Aerial Bombardment of Aleppo, Calls for Probe" (Source link)
  • "Hussein stressed that 'indiscriminate air strikes across the eastern part of [Aleppo] by Assad regime forces and their allies are responsible for the overwhelming majority of civilian casualties.' He said that Aleppo 'is today a slaughterhouse – a gruesome locus of pain and fear.'"
  • "The UN human rights chief told the Geneva-based Council that hospitals, schools, marketplaces, water facilities and neighborhood bakeries have been deliberately and repeatedly attacked and millions have been denied life-saving aid."
  • "The Syrian Network for Human Rights said that around 414 people have been killed by Russian and Assad regime airstrikes on the besieged neighborhoods of Aleppo in the past month. The Russian attacks accounted for 338 of the victims, who included 104 children and 54 women. Attacks by the Assad regime forces were responsible for the death of 76 civilians, including 14 children and 9 women, according to a report by the rights group released on Thursday."
  • "In a joint statement released on Friday, the Coalition and the FSA said that the 'UN has been treating the executioner and the victim as equals, and its positions on Syria has helped the Assad regime and the Iranian-backed terrorist militia to execute their plans and provided a cover for Russia’s war crimes for which there has been so far no condemnation.'"